Housing In Nigeria 

The issue of housing in Nigeria is now very popular among prospective homeowners especially those that are living outside Nigeria and now considering relocating back to Nigeria after so many years in America, Canada and Europe. 

Well, I noticed that quite many of these Nigerians are now considering building their own houses in the remote parts of the country because they see such place to be safe and peaceful without unwanted traffic or industrial pollutions that can be so harmful to their health. And also to have time for themselves without distraction.

Before you relocate back to Nigeria there are various factors you need to consider before making any move.

Firstly, you need to consider the location where you want your potential home to be either in Lagos, Abuja, or any other place in Nigeria.

Secondly, you need to also consider whether you want your potential home to be in the city or outside the city. There are people that love hustling and bustling of the city while there are some people that loves to live in small towns that are very far from the city because they love their space.

Thirdly, you need to also consider if you would like people to easily have access to you or not. Funnily enough there are some folks that love to build their houses where most of their friends and family members are not living. For example, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like people intruding his or her privacy, and most of your family and friends are living in Lagos, I’m sure you would be considering having your house in Abuja, Kaduna or Kano.

Fourthly, you also have to check whether there are basic amenities such as roads, health care services, electricity, schools, recreational centers and so on. If you are really mindful of these things then I must tell you that you either have to choose to live in  urban areas or rural areas. 

There are still many factors to considering when you are already thinking of relocating back to Nigeria. 


Be Yourself Among The Multitude 

Few days ago an incidence happened between a young man and a young lady on twitter, by the way I got to know about the incidence when I saw on my twitter timeline of tweets that were directed to the young man really bashing him with hurtful words.

Well, what really happened was that the young man took the young lady on a date and spent about #3,800 on the young lady and as any expectant young man, he told the gal that he was in love with her and wanted to move the relationship between them to the next level, but the gal told him that she’s not ready to be in an intimate relationship with him. The young man was so enraged that he quickly went off to twitter to insult the gal and also hoped to get sympathies from people, unfortunately for him, the gal saw his tweet and immediately sent #5,000 to him and replied him by posting the screenshot of the transaction and told him to keep the change in the transaction narration. It was an epic response from the young lady. And to be honest I have never seen such a response that carried so much maturity and intelligence. Here was a young man trying to tarnish the image of this intelligent young woman but he got what he wasn’t expecting. Anyway, this gal received so many Kudos and endorsements from big companies and banks due to the way she handled the matter. If she was like every twitter lady I’m sure she would have abuse, curse and lambaste the young man but she chose the right way of correcting the wrong. 

So yesterday, one of the companies that endorsed her posted her picture with one of them on twitter without no makeup or filter and my twitter folks began to complain that she was not even pretty to look upon. But trust this gal that has already chosen to be different instead joining the league of perverse women on twitter. Below is her response to their ridicules which was quite epic to me. 

An epic response from Ore to her admirers 😉😉😉

What is my thought about her? 

Here is a young woman that has learned to appreciate herself.

Here is a young woman that believes standing out among the multitude is the best thing for her. 

Here is a young woman who has learned to always stand up for herself instead of looking for approval and sympathy from people. 

Here is a young woman who has already defined where she is going in life. 

Here is a young woman who has learned to be independent.

Here is a young woman that never lacks the love and care of her mom and dad. 

Finally, here is a young that was raised in a home that is filled with love and unity. 

I really do wish every young woman can be like this young lady. 

My hope is that one day I’m going to raised my unborn daughters to always learn to appreciate who they are and to always stand out among the multitude in the contemporary world. So help me God. 


Are You Like Lapidoth?

I’ve shared this post on a blogsite I was using before I switched over here but I think it worth sharing for every man and woman to read in order to fulfill and enjoy the purpose of marriage between a man and a woman. You need to note that marriage is a union between two matured (physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and mentally) adults in order to fulfill God’s plan for them.

You are to be helpers and comforters to each other

I want to talk about a man in the Bible that was mentioned once but he had my admiration and respect for him. To be sincere with you such kind of a man is quite rare nowadays, but I know we can still find them and if possible I want to be like him God’s willing.

Well, I’m talking about Lapidoth, he was the husband of Deborah the prophetess, one of the judges used by God to deliver the children of Israel from their various captivities.

Lapidoth was only found in one place in the Bible, and that is Judges 4:4. What does that implies? It simply shows me that I don’t need to be under the spotlight before I can fulfill God’s plan for my life. There is this popular saying that says “Behind every successful man there is a woman.” How about this “Behind every successful woman there is a man.”? This shows both the man and the woman needs each other, just like the saying “No man is an island.”

As a man your wife needs your help just like you need hers.

See, Lapidoth does not even crave for attention, he never tries to be a barrier to God’s purpose and calling for his wife, instead he supported her. How many men is willing to do that for their wives?

Lapidoth refused to be a stumbling block to his wife’s ministry of delivering the children of Israel from their enemies. You need to note as a man that your wife, fiancee and girlfriend as a God’s given purpose for her life. Have you taken time to know about it or you are only concern about yourself alone?

Lapidoth supported his wife and stand with her without grumbling or complaining. He did not crave for attention or recognition, instead he was there behind the scene supporting his wife’s ministry with prayers and godly advices whenever she needed them. I can actually imagine the disdains and mockery of his friends and relatives and how they would have called him so many bad names such as foolhardy, zombie, maga/mumu. They would have thought his wife was using magic/witchcraft on him. Not Surprisingly, the same still happens nowadays. But Lapidoth will never allow their hurtful words of insults and ridicules get to him, he was fully focused on the ministry of his wife, Deborah. He was a man that understands the way God works.

I know men that support their women in all things that glorify God.

Thankfully and fortunately, I have seen, known and heard of men like Lapidoth in this our contemporary time who faithfully and steadfastly support their wives’/women’s purposes in life. We need to note that our women’s/wives’ purpose in life is not limited to church or home alone but virtually everywhere. These men never see their women’s successes as obstacles nor do they see them as hindrances to their own goals in life.

You can gladly help her anywhere and everywhere.

See, I want to be an exemplary husband like Lapidoth if God’s will, even when the world calls me foolhardy or mumu (fool). If you are still thinking that your woman’s success in life will not allow her to submit to you as her husband, then you must be suffering from inferiority complex and your ego will not allow you to see how weak you are. 

Let it always be your joy and happiness that your wife, sister, daughter and girlfriend is doing so well in life. Support her, don’t let any man/woman/relatives/parents/friends dicourage you from helping her to fulfil God’s purpose and plan for her life.

Always dare to be like Lapidoth!!

God bless you as you strive to be like Lapidoth.

Beauty, Simplicity And Decency

In a society where immorality is high and it’s going to be worst day by day. It shows that our society is going insane everyday. Things that cannot  be displayed for the public view before is now freely shown to the world through indecent dressing and nudity on our screens, phones, sites and so on.

I watched a video of a young woman that was publicly disgraced by some young men because she dressed scantily and indecently in the public and I felt sorry for her, but just as the saying goes “you will be addressed by the way you dress.” Don’t forget that prostitutes dressed indecently in order to attract men that are looking for sex for themselves, so if you are not looking for sex you should not dress in the way that will expose your private parts or cleavages.

So if you dress indecently don’t be surprised if various types of guys especially the unworthy ones begin to whistle at you and also demand sex from you, just know you asked for this undue attention because of your dressing.

Decency should portrays your image to the world

It baffles me how some parents will encourage their young female children to dress immodestly in skimpy dress to parties or outings, unknown to them they are exposing their children to sexual predators. It is high time we started encouraging our young women to appreciate their beauties without exposing their bodies for the world to see. Let us encourage them to appreciate tthemselves without seeking for the opinions of others. Our young women should focus more on their character, intelligence, life goals, life purpose rather than on their physical appearance.

Let’s encourage decency above indecency in our society.

Parents should encourage their children to appreciate the way God made and be proud of themselves.

I’ve met some women that are physically beautiful but lacked good character to compliment such physical beauty which made me to dissociate myself from them. Hardly will you see a man that will be willing to spend the rest of his life with a woman that lacks good character (the same goes with a man that lacks good character). Most women complained about men cheating on them with other women despite how beautiful they are. See, I’m not disputing the fact that there are men that only seek after your body. What I’m saying is that you need to develop your person rather than your physical beauty.

I’ve met and know some young women that are beautiful both in and out without them exposing their bodies because real beauty lies in the character of a person. These young women are smart, intelligent, insightful with purpose of life coupled with wonderful character that only increase my respect and admiration for them.

Real beauty is portrayed in your character not in your physical body.

I will always encourage decency, beauty, good character and simplicity in our young women. There are much the woman can offer the man and the society at large than her body. There are things I feel comfortable discussing with my female friends than with my male friends even though some of them might be sensitive (not sex topics) but they tend to be more understanding and accommodating.

So, I hope we can start encouraging our young women about dressing decently without looking for people’s approval/disapproval. Let’s encourage them to pursue their life goals and purpose in life without allowing opposition to hinder them from getting to the top in life. Help them to develop good character through God’s Word and godly examples that will bring sanity back to our society and never to be intimidated by the opinions of others. Let’s appreciate the ones that are making good marks wherever they are despite pressures to follow the madness of immorality, indecency and deceptions being displayed in the society.

A beloved friend of mine said in her words: “Many youths of this generation need to understand that you don’t have to go naked before you proof to all of us that you are beautiful…it ain’t their faults though, but the mentality that has been imbibe in them. We need to be role models and create new sense of mentality to help build up decent way of dressing in them.”

I love this comment of hers and it summed up what I’ve been saying all along.

Let us encourage decency, simplicity+intelligence and good character+beauty among our young women.

I’m ready to do my part, will you do yours??




God bless us as we do it together.

Don’t Give Up.

My journey with God has been full of ups and downs. Honestly, I’ve been struggling with porn, there are times I won’t yield to the temptation and there are I will yield to the temptation. I know God does not give us grace to commit sin but to live a life that is pleasing to Him without compromise. And I also know God is against sex outside marriage which I really agree with and also keeping myself till the right time, that is, marriage. It has not been easy living as a Christian in this sinful world but I must not lost my faith in God no matter what. I have to keep on fighting against the flesh, there are times I won and there are times I’m defeated. This actually shows that I need more of God’s presence in my life. I’m not going to give up because the devil is expecting me to give up and be drawn back to sin and eventually end up in hell with him. But thanks to God whose grace is always available to help me. I won’t give up!!
Are you also experiencing challenges, trials, battles and temptations? Please don’t give up because God is always with you even when He seems to be far away.
Ephesians 3:20 “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,according to the power that worketh in us.”
Just don’t give up my brother!! Don’t give up my sister!! You are in the right way and it is very narrow and rugged but never give up because God is with you.

Take it as it comes

Sometimes life can be so amazing and at the same time confusing, but I’ve learned personally is to take it as it comes.
We cannot change what we have been predestinated to do in life, so we’ve got to take life as it is.
Fortunately, when we have relationship with God life tends to be come easier and better for us. Having God in our lives does not mean we won’t experience challenges or trials or failures or mistakes or calamities, but that gives us assurance that God is constantly with us.
To me as a person, life is very easy and wonderful, this is so because I have learned to see good things about life, so I take it as it comes without worrying or complaining because nothing is without God’s approval or permission.
My point to you reading this article is to let you know that life is easy when you have God by your side.
God bless you!!

Not For Kids

The first time you saw her your heart somersaulted several times because you’ve never seen such a beautiful woman like her before. Her beauty, her smile, her words and everything about her is second to none. You can’t keep your eyes away from her, you did everything in your might to seek her attention. She proved to be too difficult for you but you persisted in your effort to win her heart, every other woman you met can never be compared to her. After all your efforts to gain her to your side, she finally agreed to date you but you told her you loved her to the extent of deciding to make her your wife, she was so excited that a man like you decided to marry her. You finally married her after few months/years of proposing to her.
Few years after you married her with wonderful kids, her skin/body is no longer appealing to you, her face is now growing older with few wrinkles, she’s no longer that sexy lady you met. You are now looking for excuses to stay away from her even to the extent of calling her a witch. You’ve now seen another gal that makes you go crazy to the extent of disgracing your wife openly for the world to see.
Is this not what is happening nowadays to some women who do not know what their husbands are doing behind them. I now read in the newspapers that some husbands are hiring some women as “wife” in order to divorce or chase away the real wife.
I was so annoyed when I saw this picture on Twitter that I had to screenshot it.
If you have problems with your woman/wife why can’t you settle it amicably with her without drawing public attention to your lies and deceptions?
It’s high time these “kids” who called themselves men stopped embarrassing/disgracing their wives publicly for God’s sake.
Marriage is not for kids but for real men. Marriage is not for men who cannot have control over themselves. If you are not matured spiritually, emotional and mentally, marriage is not for you.
If you are not ready to face the challenges and trials that come with been in a relationship/marriage then stay away from it.

Akinkuade Oluwadare Tobi 2017©

To The Woman Of My Life

I wrote this poem sometime ago.
I never believed in love at first sight
Until I met you on that first night.
My heart was drawn to you like a piece of metal to a magnet
My heart was enclave in your love like a corpse in a casket.
Your love for me is so incroyable but practical
Your love for me is more than a feeling but logical.
When I looked into your eyes I see that greatness in you
But when I look beyond your eyes I see that pureness in you.
I won’t promise you the whole world
But I can promise you my whole world.
I want to be there for you at all time
I want to stay with you at every moment of time.
When I’m not with you physically, always know my heart is constantly with you
When I’m not with you presently, always know my prayer is continually with you.
The world says love is all about kissing and touching
But our love says is all about staying and keeping.
Our love is meant to last forever not for a lifetime
Our love is going to last eternity not in this time.
Will you be the only woman that I will always cherish?
Will you be the only woman that I will always run to?
I might not be perfect, but will you take me as I am?
I might be full of faults, but will you make me a better man?
I want to live my future with you
I want to build my life with you.
God has brought you into my life to be my strength when I’m weak
God has brought you into my life to be my healer when I’m sick.
Your love makes me stronger
Your love makes me bolder.
Your words of encouragement constantly abides with me
Your words of courage constantly keeps me.
Stay with me my lover
Be with me my woman.

My View Concerning Premarital Sex

I will have to say my mind concerning pre marital sex in relationships, I don’t care if it hurts you because the truth is a bitter pill to swallow in the world of lies. Why must sex be the basis of relationships? I know some of you will begin to give me some lame reasons for engaging in sex when you are not yet married. As a person, I believe relationships can survive and last long when sex is not involved because sex is the fulfilment of lust when it is done outside marriage and not love. Thankfully, there are still some people who are in GODLY relationships because they have made God to be at the centre of their relationships. They have the fear of God in their hearts and are also careful not to engage themselves in some things that can expose them into sexual immorality (fornication). Don’t tell me that you are having sex with him or her because of “love” because that’s not “True Love”. True love has reverence for God’s Word and His authority. It is quite a pity that the society is not helping the matter at all, what they tell you now is to have “safe sex”, who tells you that there is “safe sex” when God’s judgment is closer to you when you disobey His Word?? If you want to have sex why don’t you get married?? And please don’t tell me you have a relationship with God when you don’t even regard His Word concerning pre marital sex (fornication). Are you going to tell me that I don’t understand how you feel the urge to have sex? I do too, but I don’t allow that urge to pull me away from obeying God’s Word and it is normal for you to feel that way, but when you allow that urge to make you commit sin against God, then you have no excuse for your action. Joseph faced the same temptation you are presently facing but he knew God’s Word and never wanted to disobey Him because he had the fear of God. Listen to his words to Potiphar’s wife “How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”(Genesis 39:9b), if Joseph could do that and flee from committing the sin of pre marital sex(fornication), you also can if you allow God to be your Partner to keep yourself pure till marriage. Don’t be discouraged by what people say or do about premarital sex because you are different and unique. The world is looking for those who will uphold the standard of the Word of God. The world is looking for those who will take their stand firmly against pre marital sex(fornication). The world is looking for someone who will boldly say “Others may but I would not” when it comes to pre marital sex(fornication). Don’t get carried away by the world’s influence but let God’s Word and the fear of God be in you. God’s grace is readily available for you. You are still single but don’t be stupid!!! If you have been engaging in it, God is ready to forgive you and make you pure again, there is still a second chance for you, but do not postpone the day of your salvation because tomorrow maybe too late for you. May the Lord open your understanding to this solemn exhortation and warning.

Be Persuaded In Your Mind About Christmas Celebration.

Concerning those who are thinking whether to celebrate Christmas or not, the choice is yours to make. Don’t condemn those who are celebrating Christmas, and neither should those who are celebrating Christmas condemn those who are not celebrating it. Be fully persuaded in your mind and heart about it. Personal conviction of each person should be fully respected without any spiritual arrogance.
“Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? To his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be held up: for God is able to make him stand.
One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth everyday alike. LET EVERY MAN BE FULLY PERSUADED IN HIS OWN MIND.
He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the LORD; and he that regardeth not the day, to the LORD he doth not regard it. He that eateth, eateth to the LORD, for he giveth God thanks; and he that eateth not, to the LORD he eateth not, and giveth God thanks.” Romans 14:4-6.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!!
Please don’t forget the main reason for the season: Jesus Christ!! The Saviour of the world!!!