Losing God’s Presence 

A scene in the book of 1Samuel 4 got me into thinking about how pathetic it can be to lost the presence of God in one’s life. 

The Israelites has been under the reign of the Philistines, and so they decided to rebel against the Philistines. While on the battlefield the Israelites brought the ark of God, thinking that ark will bring down the presence of God, they shouted for joy so that the Philistines heard them and they were so afraid because they’ve heard about the miracles and wonders God has done in the midst of the Israelites right from Egypt to the promised land. But they (the Philistines) encouraged themselves and they defeated the Israelites. 

So I sat down eating tonight, I began to think about what I read, I’m going to tell you what I think about. 

The previous chapters 1Samuel 3&4, the Lord has warned Eli about the sins of his sons Ophni and Phinehas, but he was nonchalant about it, he only mildly warned them about their ways. So God has already planned to replace Eli with Samuel.

The sins of a leader can affect the whole church or congregation if the leader refuses to repent from his or her sins. You can’t expect God not to execute His judgement on you when you refused to amend your ways before Him. 

I also noticed that, despite the fact that the Israelites brought the ark of God to the battlefield they were still defeated. Why? Because both the leaders and followers had sin against God without repentance. So, the presence of God refused to go with them to the battle. 

We shouldn’t expect God to be with us when we are disobedient to His Word and Will. God is never partial, His ways are always right. 

I also learned if my ways are not right before God, no matter how much I prayed and fasted, He will not hear me. Why? Because my sins has become stumbling blocks to my prayers and fasting. 

I learned also that the devil does not care about how much you can pray and fast, he won’t be moved because he knows once you’ve sinned and you didn’t repent, God is not going to answer. The Philistines were scared when they heard the shouts of the Israelites but they still encouraged themselves and defeated the Israelites. As you know “empty barrel makes the loudest noise”. So let us ensure that the presence of God is always with us by examining ourselves and settling our differences between God and man. 

May we never lack the presence of God in our lives. 

God bless you!! 
Akinkuade Oluwadare Tobi 2017©


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