Be Yourself Among The Multitude 

Few days ago an incidence happened between a young man and a young lady on twitter, by the way I got to know about the incidence when I saw on my twitter timeline of tweets that were directed to the young man really bashing him with hurtful words.

Well, what really happened was that the young man took the young lady on a date and spent about #3,800 on the young lady and as any expectant young man, he told the gal that he was in love with her and wanted to move the relationship between them to the next level, but the gal told him that she’s not ready to be in an intimate relationship with him. The young man was so enraged that he quickly went off to twitter to insult the gal and also hoped to get sympathies from people, unfortunately for him, the gal saw his tweet and immediately sent #5,000 to him and replied him by posting the screenshot of the transaction and told him to keep the change in the transaction narration. It was an epic response from the young lady. And to be honest I have never seen such a response that carried so much maturity and intelligence. Here was a young man trying to tarnish the image of this intelligent young woman but he got what he wasn’t expecting. Anyway, this gal received so many Kudos and endorsements from big companies and banks due to the way she handled the matter. If she was like every twitter lady I’m sure she would have abuse, curse and lambaste the young man but she chose the right way of correcting the wrong. 

So yesterday, one of the companies that endorsed her posted her picture with one of them on twitter without no makeup or filter and my twitter folks began to complain that she was not even pretty to look upon. But trust this gal that has already chosen to be different instead joining the league of perverse women on twitter. Below is her response to their ridicules which was quite epic to me. 

An epic response from Ore to her admirers 😉😉😉

What is my thought about her? 

Here is a young woman that has learned to appreciate herself.

Here is a young woman that believes standing out among the multitude is the best thing for her. 

Here is a young woman who has learned to always stand up for herself instead of looking for approval and sympathy from people. 

Here is a young woman who has already defined where she is going in life. 

Here is a young woman who has learned to be independent.

Here is a young woman that never lacks the love and care of her mom and dad. 

Finally, here is a young that was raised in a home that is filled with love and unity. 

I really do wish every young woman can be like this young lady. 

My hope is that one day I’m going to raised my unborn daughters to always learn to appreciate who they are and to always stand out among the multitude in the contemporary world. So help me God. 



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