Celebrating African Cultural Heritage

The second edition of African Drums Festival at June 12 Cultural Center, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria started on Thursday, 20 April to 22nd April 2017, to celebrate the cultural heritage of the African diaspora. It was indeed a sight to behold as various cultural groups and troupes come together to showcase the richness of the African cultures. Various dignitaries including the Obas such as the Ooni of Ife, Alake of Egbaland, Alaafin of Oyo and so on, graced the events. If you don’t have any knowledge of the African cultures, then this is an event for you!!

Ara the Drummer showcasing her drumming skills at #AfricanDrumsFestival
The Ogunde Cultural Troupe entertaining the people at #AfricanDrumsFestival
Showcasing African dancing skills
Acrobatic skills being displayed at #AfricanDrumsFestival
A female gangan-drummer at #AfricanDrumsFestival

Losing God’s Presence 

A scene in the book of 1Samuel 4 got me into thinking about how pathetic it can be to lost the presence of God in one’s life. 

The Israelites has been under the reign of the Philistines, and so they decided to rebel against the Philistines. While on the battlefield the Israelites brought the ark of God, thinking that ark will bring down the presence of God, they shouted for joy so that the Philistines heard them and they were so afraid because they’ve heard about the miracles and wonders God has done in the midst of the Israelites right from Egypt to the promised land. But they (the Philistines) encouraged themselves and they defeated the Israelites. 

So I sat down eating tonight, I began to think about what I read, I’m going to tell you what I think about. 

The previous chapters 1Samuel 3&4, the Lord has warned Eli about the sins of his sons Ophni and Phinehas, but he was nonchalant about it, he only mildly warned them about their ways. So God has already planned to replace Eli with Samuel.

The sins of a leader can affect the whole church or congregation if the leader refuses to repent from his or her sins. You can’t expect God not to execute His judgement on you when you refused to amend your ways before Him. 

I also noticed that, despite the fact that the Israelites brought the ark of God to the battlefield they were still defeated. Why? Because both the leaders and followers had sin against God without repentance. So, the presence of God refused to go with them to the battle. 

We shouldn’t expect God to be with us when we are disobedient to His Word and Will. God is never partial, His ways are always right. 

I also learned if my ways are not right before God, no matter how much I prayed and fasted, He will not hear me. Why? Because my sins has become stumbling blocks to my prayers and fasting. 

I learned also that the devil does not care about how much you can pray and fast, he won’t be moved because he knows once you’ve sinned and you didn’t repent, God is not going to answer. The Philistines were scared when they heard the shouts of the Israelites but they still encouraged themselves and defeated the Israelites. As you know “empty barrel makes the loudest noise”. So let us ensure that the presence of God is always with us by examining ourselves and settling our differences between God and man. 

May we never lack the presence of God in our lives. 

God bless you!! 
Akinkuade Oluwadare Tobi 2017©

Wrong Expectation From The Wrong Person 

Wrong Expectation 

That’s exactly how I felt

Just like every Arsenal fan that always get fooled that the team is going to win the league during the beginning of the football season, I was fooled when I realized that I had an affection towards this lady. The affection was so strong that I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore and I had to confess to her that I’m having deep feelings for her. But she told me she was not ready to be in any relationship because she has just been out of a relationship very recently. So I waited for her to be ready. I actually met her on a BBM social platform where we became friends around June, 2016.

So one day around August, 2016 she sent a message to me on Whatsapp and said she really appreciates my friendship with her and she would want me to move on without her. When I read the text I was really pained and disappointed, so I made sure I deleted her cell number from my phone and deleted anything that will remind me of her or will possibly link me up with her again. 

So I moved on with my life and continue my search for work to do. Around late October, 2016, I received a message from her on IMO, I was so surprised that she still remembers me even though we have not met in person before. From there on, we chatted and call each other on phone almost everyday. Not quite long, I realized that my feelings for this lady has not been totally erased from my heart, so I made sure I kept these feelings to myself for about one month in order to be sure if it was real or fake. When I told her about it, she said she only want us to be friends without any romantic feelings. But my feelings for her can’t just be waved away as if nothing happens. We called each other and I’ve been planning to see her whenever I come Lagos where she stays. I’ve already has the feelings that she’s the right woman for me, I even told some of my friends and family members about her. So, around last month, I told her I want to know her decision concerning my proposal to her and that I will respect her decision no matter what it maybe whether YES or NO. On Monday, if I can remember vividly, she sent a message to me that she doesn’t want to give me hope that she’s interested in me and doesn’t want to deceive me in any way, but she wishes that we are still going to be good friends, I was really pained and disappointed but I need to move on and respect her decision. I told her that I will still be a good friend to her and if she needs anything from me she shouldn’t hesitate to contact me. 

I learned that you don’t fight for the thing that doesn’t meant for you

Honestly, it was not easy for me to take rejection but I have to learn that no matter how much I tried to fight for her love, it would be in vain. And also got to know that God take away the good to give us the best, that I’m also going to meet a woman that will love and appreciate me as her man. All I just need is to be patient and allow God to work. 

I’m glad I have no obligation to love her like my own woman

To be honest with you, I don’t think I will love her the way I did if she comes back and tells me she’s in love with me. Why? Because I’ve already moved on without her in my life. She’s still my friend but my relationship with her can never be like before. I’ve already broken my soulties with her. So, I’m patiently waiting for the right woman without being in such a hurry to get hooked up with any lady again. I also learned that our feelings can sometimes fool us into errors, we just need to submit to God’s will and plan for us when it comes to marriage. 

I really do hope you can learn from my personal experience. I will be so glad to hear your feedback and correction. 

Thanks and God bless you!! 
Akinkuades Oluwadare Tobi 2017©

Housing In Nigeria 

The issue of housing in Nigeria is now very popular among prospective homeowners especially those that are living outside Nigeria and now considering relocating back to Nigeria after so many years in America, Canada and Europe. 

Well, I noticed that quite many of these Nigerians are now considering building their own houses in the remote parts of the country because they see such place to be safe and peaceful without unwanted traffic or industrial pollutions that can be so harmful to their health. And also to have time for themselves without distraction.

Before you relocate back to Nigeria there are various factors you need to consider before making any move.

Firstly, you need to consider the location where you want your potential home to be either in Lagos, Abuja, or any other place in Nigeria.

Secondly, you need to also consider whether you want your potential home to be in the city or outside the city. There are people that love hustling and bustling of the city while there are some people that loves to live in small towns that are very far from the city because they love their space.

Thirdly, you need to also consider if you would like people to easily have access to you or not. Funnily enough there are some folks that love to build their houses where most of their friends and family members are not living. For example, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like people intruding his or her privacy, and most of your family and friends are living in Lagos, I’m sure you would be considering having your house in Abuja, Kaduna or Kano.

Fourthly, you also have to check whether there are basic amenities such as roads, health care services, electricity, schools, recreational centers and so on. If you are really mindful of these things then I must tell you that you either have to choose to live in  urban areas or rural areas. 

There are still many factors to considering when you are already thinking of relocating back to Nigeria. 

Be Yourself Among The Multitude 

Few days ago an incidence happened between a young man and a young lady on twitter, by the way I got to know about the incidence when I saw on my twitter timeline of tweets that were directed to the young man really bashing him with hurtful words.

Well, what really happened was that the young man took the young lady on a date and spent about #3,800 on the young lady and as any expectant young man, he told the gal that he was in love with her and wanted to move the relationship between them to the next level, but the gal told him that she’s not ready to be in an intimate relationship with him. The young man was so enraged that he quickly went off to twitter to insult the gal and also hoped to get sympathies from people, unfortunately for him, the gal saw his tweet and immediately sent #5,000 to him and replied him by posting the screenshot of the transaction and told him to keep the change in the transaction narration. It was an epic response from the young lady. And to be honest I have never seen such a response that carried so much maturity and intelligence. Here was a young man trying to tarnish the image of this intelligent young woman but he got what he wasn’t expecting. Anyway, this gal received so many Kudos and endorsements from big companies and banks due to the way she handled the matter. If she was like every twitter lady I’m sure she would have abuse, curse and lambaste the young man but she chose the right way of correcting the wrong. 

So yesterday, one of the companies that endorsed her posted her picture with one of them on twitter without no makeup or filter and my twitter folks began to complain that she was not even pretty to look upon. But trust this gal that has already chosen to be different instead joining the league of perverse women on twitter. Below is her response to their ridicules which was quite epic to me. 

An epic response from Ore to her admirers 😉😉😉

What is my thought about her? 

Here is a young woman that has learned to appreciate herself.

Here is a young woman that believes standing out among the multitude is the best thing for her. 

Here is a young woman who has learned to always stand up for herself instead of looking for approval and sympathy from people. 

Here is a young woman who has already defined where she is going in life. 

Here is a young woman who has learned to be independent.

Here is a young woman that never lacks the love and care of her mom and dad. 

Finally, here is a young that was raised in a home that is filled with love and unity. 

I really do wish every young woman can be like this young lady. 

My hope is that one day I’m going to raised my unborn daughters to always learn to appreciate who they are and to always stand out among the multitude in the contemporary world. So help me God.