Not For Kids

The first time you saw her your heart somersaulted several times because you’ve never seen such a beautiful woman like her before. Her beauty, her smile, her words and everything about her is second to none. You can’t keep your eyes away from her, you did everything in your might to seek her attention. She proved to be too difficult for you but you persisted in your effort to win her heart, every other woman you met can never be compared to her. After all your efforts to gain her to your side, she finally agreed to date you but you told her you loved her to the extent of deciding to make her your wife, she was so excited that a man like you decided to marry her. You finally married her after few months/years of proposing to her.
Few years after you married her with wonderful kids, her skin/body is no longer appealing to you, her face is now growing older with few wrinkles, she’s no longer that sexy lady you met. You are now looking for excuses to stay away from her even to the extent of calling her a witch. You’ve now seen another gal that makes you go crazy to the extent of disgracing your wife openly for the world to see.
Is this not what is happening nowadays to some women who do not know what their husbands are doing behind them. I now read in the newspapers that some husbands are hiring some women as “wife” in order to divorce or chase away the real wife.
I was so annoyed when I saw this picture on Twitter that I had to screenshot it.
If you have problems with your woman/wife why can’t you settle it amicably with her without drawing public attention to your lies and deceptions?
It’s high time these “kids” who called themselves men stopped embarrassing/disgracing their wives publicly for God’s sake.
Marriage is not for kids but for real men. Marriage is not for men who cannot have control over themselves. If you are not matured spiritually, emotional and mentally, marriage is not for you.
If you are not ready to face the challenges and trials that come with been in a relationship/marriage then stay away from it.

Akinkuade Oluwadare Tobi 2017©


To The Woman Of My Life

I wrote this poem sometime ago.
I never believed in love at first sight
Until I met you on that first night.
My heart was drawn to you like a piece of metal to a magnet
My heart was enclave in your love like a corpse in a casket.
Your love for me is so incroyable but practical
Your love for me is more than a feeling but logical.
When I looked into your eyes I see that greatness in you
But when I look beyond your eyes I see that pureness in you.
I won’t promise you the whole world
But I can promise you my whole world.
I want to be there for you at all time
I want to stay with you at every moment of time.
When I’m not with you physically, always know my heart is constantly with you
When I’m not with you presently, always know my prayer is continually with you.
The world says love is all about kissing and touching
But our love says is all about staying and keeping.
Our love is meant to last forever not for a lifetime
Our love is going to last eternity not in this time.
Will you be the only woman that I will always cherish?
Will you be the only woman that I will always run to?
I might not be perfect, but will you take me as I am?
I might be full of faults, but will you make me a better man?
I want to live my future with you
I want to build my life with you.
God has brought you into my life to be my strength when I’m weak
God has brought you into my life to be my healer when I’m sick.
Your love makes me stronger
Your love makes me bolder.
Your words of encouragement constantly abides with me
Your words of courage constantly keeps me.
Stay with me my lover
Be with me my woman.